We understand that you have your doubts.  


Here's some words from people we have helped.

jewish single man
Steve - Yonkers, NY
jewish pretty single
Tina - Austin, TX

"Despite my desperate searches for a lady, I thought I would never find one.  I had considered doing online dating before, but would always back out because I was too nervous.  Finally, I was offered a month of free membership and thought "why not?"  


Two short months later, I met the woman of my dreams.  We have been happily married for the last 5 years."

"I was always curious about online dating, but I had always considered it more of a way to casually date than a way to seriously date.  When the Jewish Marriage Fund offered me membership to a site that had the express motives of introducing Jewish people that want to marry.  I gave it a shot, and I am happy I did.  


My husband Joe and I are expecting twins in the Spring!!"

Chaya - Baltimore, MD
Florie - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"The Jewish Marriage Fund has changed my life!  While I had always wanted to try a dating site, as I felt horribly lonely when I moved to this new city, I never could come up with the extra money to do it.  When the Jewish Marraige Fund offered me this opportunity I couldn't say yes more quickly.  I have met many great people and my life is much more enjoyable."

"If it wasn't for the Jewish Marriage Fund, I am sure that I would still be single today.  But because of the free membership I was offered, I was able to meet that special guy that I had been waiting for.  I owe the Jewish Marriage Fund an eternal debt!"